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Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: How to Reignite Your Business When You Feel Stuck

entrepreneurship mindset Apr 06, 2022

Feeling a bit mentally stuck or uninspired in your business? First of all, it’s completely normal. There is no need to stress or doubt yourself, so get out of your head! It’s what you do next that counts which is why I’m sharing some tips on finding inspiration for entrepreneurs who might be feeling a little down and in need of a business boost.  

 It's natural to feel that your business isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. In life, you aren’t filled with excitement or surrounded by happiness 24/7, right? Running a business is no different. There are highs and lows—periods of productivity and feelings of dissatisfaction.  

 You aren’t a failure for feeling a bit off and it’s not a sign that your business is doomed.


Entrepreneurship is like the Ocean

Just like the ocean, running a business works on an ebb-and-flow structure—with waves of inspiration.

 Each one carries you a little further but they all eventually end up dissolving down to a trickle. And when that happens, you catch another wave. Hang-ten! 

 Wondering how to find these waves? Here are four ways I find inspiration for my own business.  

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Revisit Your Ideal Client

To find a fresh wave of inspiration, the first thing I suggest is revisit your ideal client.

When you have your head down working hard (in the pursuit of future success), it’s easy to lose track of time and lose touch with your ideal audience—your dream clients. 

Who are they now? There is no doubt as you’ve evolved and leveled-up, your audience has also. Are you still speaking to the same people? 

Update Your Avatar

Take a look at your ideal client and make sure you are addressing the right type of person. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have they aged?
  2. Have they picked up a new hobby/interest?
  3. Are their family dynamics the same—do they still have a husband and 2 kids?
  4. Do they still live in the same town/city/state?

Ideally you should review your dream client once a year, so if you haven’t done that in a while, it’s definitely a must! 

Once you re-define who that is, you’ll want to analyze your message to ensure it speaks to the new and improved audience.

Business Motivation: Review Your Offerings

You’ve honed in on your ideal client, now review what you are offering to them. 

As your business develops and your knowledge and skills progress, your offerings should also reflect that. When was the last time you assessed the programs and products you are offering?  

What you are offering your clients is important. How useful is the information? Does it lead them to want more? Does it reflect your growth?

Count Your Offerings

The number of products/services you are offering and how they relate to each other is also important. Streamlining your offerings, so that one leads to the next, will prevent any potential client confusion. 

Interested in learning more about how your offerings can make you more money? Read my blog post: How to Make Money as an Entrepreneur: 9 Crucial Steps for Your First 100K Year.

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Find a New Project

Sometimes the best way to reignite your spark is to start something new.

Sit down and plan what you want to do. Does a new product or program sound appealing? What about starting a podcast?  

A juicy personal project, maybe? Step away from your business and look for inspiration in your personal hobbies. I find reading a new book, watching a documentary or having coffee with a friend helps me. 

Dinner Routine

My daughter inspires me a lot—I love hearing about her day and how she overcomes the obstacles in her life. Because of this, I implemented a family dinner routine, where we sit down together, as a family, and talk about our day. It’s intentional, uplifting and I look forward to it.  

When you have something to look forward to, it can help reignite your love for your business.

Business Motivation: Remind Yourself of Your Big Why

You know that having a strong “why” is necessary for a strong, Soul-aligned business. When looking for inspiration, make sure you are still in tune with your big why.  

Reminding yourself why you started your business in the first can be motivation enough to get going again. It is, after all, what matters most. 

Does Your Big Why Still Apply?

You can also update it (or add to it) because it can evolve the same as you. Everything is fluid. If you want to expand your target audience to include another niche, do so. If you want to decrease or change your audience completely, more power to you!   

Refresh your memory, your vision (if necessary), and your business. 

Re-Set, Re-Focus, Re-Align 

Don’t forget to focus on yourself while you are working on your business. Get rid of any negative energy that you may be harnessing and allow positive energy to take its place. You’ve probably been stressing about this lull—let go of the tension! 

Remember, you’re not alone. You’re not abnormal. And this is not a race. Your business will always be a work in progress and while you ebb and flow with it, you can remain an impactful leader in your industry. 

Be Yourself

People enjoy vulnerability. Despite what your younger self has been told—perfection is not a good trait. A perfect person is not fun to be around or look up to. 

Know that you do not have to be the pillar of perfection for your clients to work with you. They want authenticity. Remember this when you are looking for inspiration for your business—don’t lose yourself in the process.    

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