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Self Care for Entrepreneurs: How To Build a Business That Nourishes Your Soul

entrepreneurship prosperity Mar 16, 2022

Did you know that women are the ultimate creative life force? It's inherently natural for us to create—and building businesses is instinctual for you to do! Now, to build a business that nourishes your Soul is creativity on a completely different level. It is the purest form of self care—or Soul care as I like to refer to it—and produces a balanced feminine-aligned path to business success. 

I hear you—you don’t want to just make money; you want to create prosperity that is expressed through who you are. And to do that you must build your business with your Soul in mind.

So, in this post I am sharing a few simple ways that self care can help you grow your business. 


Self Care for Entrepreneurs | Connect with Your Vision

The single most important (and probably easiest) way for you to practice self care in your business, is to ensure your vision represents your Soul’s truest self. Your business needs to be a reflection of you (from the ground up). 

Your vision is the essence of your business. It ties your deepest desires and aspirations to a tangible idea. You need to get clear on the specifics of the offer you most want to create. 

How do you want to help people and why? Why do you want to pursue the idea? How will it nourish your Soul? Bring to mind your hopes and dreams and identify what is truly important to you. 

When you are deeply connected to your big vision, the benefits are endless. You’ll awaken the underlying power of your Soul’s purpose and begin generating wealth in a co-creative fashion—the way it is meant to be.

Something to keep in mind—your connection needs to remain strong which means it will need to be refreshed every once in a while (check out my Sacred Soul-Care Solutions for guidance). 

Self Care for Entrepreneurs | Make Choices for Yourself

We all know the benefits of healthy nutrition in terms of food—I’m sure you’ve heard about them your whole life. Are you as aware of your emotional health? To sustain a well-rounded life, you need to find ways to nourish not just your physical body, but also ways to nourish your Soul. 

There are diets and exercise regimens for anyone and everyone readily available, but you rarely hear someone talking about emotional nutrition—the things/experiences/relationships we are feeding our Souls. 

One of the greatest things you can do to care for your Soul is to realize that you have a choice. You have a choice in any situation—how you are going to live your life, how you are going to engage and who you are going to be.

Choose a Marketing Channel that Suits You

In business, you have even more choices—one of which is how you market yourself. Choose a marketing channel that suits you (not what you think is expected of you) and master it. Take this as permission to slow down the pace—you are setting it, for goodness sake—so, stop feeling like you need to keep up with the Jones’ and instead do what’s right for you. 

Approach sales and marketing as an avenue for creativity, rather than a hotbed of fear and anxiety. 

Step away from any preconceived notions that you must be active on a certain marketing channel to have a successful business. Instead, tap into your psyche and use it as a guide for where you need to be.

Social Media

I know that there is a lot of pressure to be present on social media. You’re probably constantly concerned about posting regularly, showing your face on stories, creating captivating videos, and engaging with your audience. It is exhausting to do this on one platform, let alone multiple.

Know where your intended audience is. What outlet do they use? What compliments your vision? This is where you want to invest your time and effort.

If your dream client is more active on Facebook—maybe due to their age group or the application’s layout and feel—then focus on this one platform and forget the rest. If something doesn’t work for you or feed your Soul, don’t use it.

Self Care for Entrepreneurs | Find Joy in the Little Things

When the everyday ‘noise’ seems to unearth you and has you feeling down, questions around being an entrepreneur arise. Why exactly am I doing this? Why am I not as successful as I thought I’d be? Why is this so hard? 

Your business can feel like a whirlwind. There are emails to send, copy to write, marketing efforts to create, clients to care for. It can be difficult to find joy in these moments. Your spirit picks up on this lack of joy, and it is detrimental to your Soul and your well-being. 

This is where it comes down to finding joy in the little things, for these are the true miracles. 

Where & How to Find Joy

True joy comes when you are so connected to your vision and your mission, that you can’t help but strive to make this your reality. Joy is knowing that you, uniquely, are suited to share your soul-driven message, gifts and talents with the world. 

It is having the courage and confidence to fully express your purpose, and to generate profound levels of prosperity for yourself and others.

Here are some examples:

  • Finding joy in completing a project 
  • Enjoying a funny moment at a networking event
  • Finding joy in a conversation or sending an uplifting text
  • Delighting in the ways your business is changing and growing
  • The sweet satisfaction and warmth received while helping a client see their own brilliance
  • The wonder and joy in being curious of the world around you, how you are expanding

It is possible to have ease, joy, fulfillment, time, space and prosperity (yes, all at the same time). But nobody teaches us how to balance these with our income needs without spiraling into more burnout and frustration…until now. 

Soul Care Guide

I have created Sacred Soul-Care Solutions designed to help you find joy again in your business, navigate the hurdles, encourage your development, release your self-doubt and ultimately rejuvenate yourself so that you can be the best version of you, as well as a phenomenal female entrepreneur. Make yourself a priority in the hustle and bustle! 

This blog post is just a small sample of what my Sacred Soul-Care Solutions offers. For the full 30 days of guidance, download my Sacred Soul-Care Solutions here. It will nourish your Soul and empower you. 

I am offering it as a free download ($47 value) for a limited time, through March 31, 2022. Save yourself some money now and a headache later.

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