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Entrepreneur Habits: 10 Habits of Women Who Lead Purpose-Driven Businesses

entrepreneurship leadership Mar 02, 2022

Stop wasting time, energy, and precious brain power on things that aren’t making you money. There are so many gimmicks marketed toward female business owners—and I know you don’t need another cheap trick or quick fix. Instead, I’m sharing the essentials with you. In this post you’ll learn my top 10 entrepreneur habits to help you succeed in your business.

These are the routines and practices of successful women who have come before you and battled through the same struggles you are dealing with now. They have done the hard work and found the habits that will benefit you and your small business. 

Entrepreneur Habit #1: Connect to Your Big Vision

The number one habit that successful people have is a strong connection to their work. They are deeply committed to their big vision—they know the who, what, why, and how of their business and can rattle it off to anyone who asks. They believe in their power and are confident they can help others. 

To harness this successful habit, you need to identify what is truly important to you. Your big vision should be your singular focus as a business woman.

Success Routine #2: Let Go of Perfection

One of the biggest entrepreneurial mistakes that women make is getting stuck in perfectionism. No, perfectionism is not a true strength so you can stop thinking that. It holds you back from your potential. Don’t do it, Sister. Let go and let flow!

Think of it this way—you are constantly growing as a professional, absorbing new information, developing new ideas and learning from yourself and others. If you stay on step one trying to make it perfect, you are depriving yourself of step 2. 

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Entrepreneur Habit #3: Trust Yourself Implicitly

Successful women trust themselves completely. When you trust in yourself, you can move with ease to the next level of your earnings and business. 

You’ll be amazed as increased opportunities to share your message and increase your income and influence continue to expand.

Success Routine #4: Take Risks

As human beings, taking risks is what we were born to do! As a baby grows and develops, they are learning to crawl, to speak, to stand, to walk—they are taking risks every day, multiple times a day, all without thinking twice.

This illustrates our inherent need and drive to risk. 

Our ancestors before us truly risked it all to build our great nations. Everything we have and use is because someone was willing to risk something. The thing holding us back is fear—the fear of looking stupid, the fear of failure, and the fear of not fitting in.  

You were born to take risks, Brave Sister.

Entrepreneur Habit #5: Don’t be Afraid to Fail

On the same token as taking risks, successful women are not afraid to fail. Failure is not personal. It is inevitable and when you are building a business, not every idea, product, or launch is going to succeed. 

So, set your intentions as well as your expectations and accept failure as a part of the process. Then you won’t be afraid or surprised by it. 

Success Routine #6: Decide to be Successful

Successful people choose to be successful. It doesn’t just happen to them. Decide to be successful with every cell in your body. Decide to create the success you envision for yourself. 

Then, mindfully choose the highest impact actions to do that. 

Entrepreneur Habit #7: Use Your Voice to Influence Change

Your voice is one of your superpowers. No one sounds like you, has the ideas that you do, nor the drive that you do! Use your voice to influence change. If you are confident in your message, even a whisper can be heard for miles. 

Success Routine #8: Put Wellness at the Top of Your List

Successful women set intentions for themselves and make it a part of their daily routines. Intention sets the groundwork for a well-cared for Soul, and you know how I feel about caring for your Soul.

Do it and do it often. 

To set an intention means to put yourself in a future situation or interaction and to allow your Soul to tell you what She wants. A great many surprising opportunities arise when you allow your Soul room to set Her intention. 

So, it is essential to craft yours carefully, lovingly, and with your Soul top of mind—setting yourself up for success and out of harm’s way. 

Once your intention has been set, it is now up to you to be open to receiving. 

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Entrepreneur Habit #9: Uplift Other Women

Uplifting other women is a secret power of successful women. It is genuine, inspirational and attracts positive attention. If someone speaks kindly to you or encourages you, it’s memorable. It’s even more significant when it comes from someone you admire or someone with authority in your industry.

This doesn’t just apply to the online space, but in person as well. Remember this when you are talking to people around town. You don’t know what someone else is going through and how much impact your kind words can have. Speak with candor and brighten someone’s day.  

Success Routine #10: Establish Powerful Daily Rituals

Successful women have powerful daily rituals. For me, I love my morning routine. I love to get up before anyone else in my home and be a part of the magic of the morning time. I enjoy sitting quietly, drinking coffee, writing, or reading something inspirational. It sets the tone for my day ahead.   

I share more on morning magic in my new Sacred Soul-Care Solutions, as well as tons of other Soul care solutions and wellness practices. It’s like gold for the Soul, and it is available as a FREE download for a limited time—until March 31st. 

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