Soul Writer isn't just a course; it's a pilgrimage to the heart of your storytelling, a journey where your words find the breath of life.


40 Day Path to Writing Your Best-Selling Book

 The world needs your story, your wisdom, and your spirit. Let's embark on this journey together. Secure your place in the "Soul Writer" journey now and let the magic unfold.

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Soul Writer: A healing path to writing your best-selling book


40 Instructional Videos: Journey through each module with my guided visual narratives, designed to illuminate your path and awaken your writing spirit starting Monday June 3.

Daily Creative Prompts: A daily dose of introspection, guiding you to explore the depths of your inner landscape and unfurl the truths within.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Where participants can ask questions and delve deeper into the course material on Fridays at 9am MT/ 11am EST starting May 31.

Manuscript Writing Retreat: Culminate your transformative journey with an immersive three-day Virtual retreat July 12-14, designed to deepen your connection to your work and bring your manuscript to completion. This serene escape offers the ideal setting to focus, refine, and conclude your sacred writing project, surrounded by the supportive energy of fellow soul writers.

Worksheets and Templates: Sacred tools to shape your book's essence, from character/concept alchemy to the architecture of your story's soul.

Private Online Community Access: Connect in our sacred digital gathering space, where your journey is mirrored in the shared stories and support of fellow soul writers.

Alumni Community Access: Extended access to the course community for ongoing support.

Alumni Discounts: For future courses, workshops, or personal coaching sessions.


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Meet Karen

Karen Gruber is a #1 international best-selling, award winning author, speaker and coach for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs.  Since 2005, Karen has helped hundreds of women get crystal clear on how to structure their soul-aligned business so they can magnetize their dream clients and earn explosive, consistent income. Karen’s clients create successful, authentic businesses that are spiritually fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Learn more about her Award Winning book 'When Lions Roar'

When Lions Roar

"The coaching I received from Karen finally helped me get clear about my ideal client!”

— Jackie Reeves | The Soul Pathfinder Coach

This event is for you if…

  • You are ready to

    Embrace the call to bring your soul's story to life and share your unique light with the world.

  • Your Looking for a Community

    for shared stories and support of fellow soul writers
  • You need Support and Motivation to finish your BOOK

    Culminate your transformative journey with an immersive three-day virtual retreat, designed to deepen your connection to your work and bring your manuscript to completion.

Karen is brilliant! She’s created a program that’s more expansive than any others I’ve tried. I especially loved the meditations which helped me overcome limiting beliefs that have been standing in the way of my business growth."

— Laura Hammock | Your Soul Print
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Bonus ONE

Soul Writer Welcome Kit

Sent via mail, this package includes printed materials and a special canvas for crafting your book, alongside other curated course-related treasures.

Bonus TWO

Guided Meditation Recordings:

Embrace serenity and ignite your inner muse with meditations that ground and inspire, leading you deeper into your creative sanctuary.


Complimentary Ticket to

Aligned for Success:

Gain transformative insights and practical strategies to help you set and achieve soul-aligned goals, ensuring your business is deeply connected with your personal values and spiritual journey during this 2-day virtual retreat.


40 Instructional Videos Starting Monday June 3.

Weekly Live Q & A on Fridays at 9am MT/ 11am EST Starting Friday May 31.

Virtual Retreat July 12, 13 and 14th