Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Soul-Aligned Success for Your Purpose-Driven Business

entrepreneurship leadership prosperity Feb 16, 2022

In spite of having achieved so many accomplishments to be proud of, you feel called to a much larger life than you’ve been able to create. 

Does this sound familiar?

Even though you might be making a good living, you’re not making enough to truly live your dreams or support your loved ones to live theirs. 

How do I accomplish more in my business? How do I create long-term wealth? How do I attract what I want in life? How do I break free from underearning, overgiving and overfunctioning?

Do your inner thoughts sound like this? If questions like these consume your thoughts, you’re in good hands. I am sharing 5 tips for entrepreneurs who crave more from life; who dream about having a successful, soul-aligned business that will nourish their spirit and fill their life with abundance. 

You can enjoy a financially thriving business and have a fulfilling life. The two are not mutually exclusive—when done the right way they complement each other beautifully.

Your Mindset

I want you to prepare yourself and your mind for some meditation and exploration. You will let go of a lot of preconceived ideas and disrupt everything you think you believe about money and wealth. 

You will step away from the fear of being judged, the worry of how you’re going to make it happen and end the old narratives that keep holding you back because of the pain and disappointments from your past. 

That is a lot to unpack and you need to be mentally prepared for it. Follow these tips for a healthy entrepreneur mindset and learn how to break through your barriers.  

Tips for Entrepreneurs #1: Soul-Care

My #1 tip for entrepreneurs to achieve a thriving, profitable, and enjoyable business is to first take care of their Soul. Soul-care goes deeper than self care—much deeper. 

I want you to take a moment and think about all the different ways you lovingly care for your family. There is virtually nothing you wouldn’t do for them, right? You take them to the doctor, you listen, you love them fiercely. You are their biggest supporter!

This level of loving attention feels splendid when you think about it. Are you caring for yourself with the same level of loving care and attention? 

In Practice

Imagine what radical Soul-care looks like for you. For me, it means scheduling my doctor’s appointments in advance, eating better, and not watching the news or reading the newspaper. 

It means hiring a coach year after year to support me and to hold me to my Soul’s highest desires and visions. It means stillness, even for just a few minutes to hear what my Soul is needing on any given day.

Your Soul is the driving force behind your business and will have you earning, serving, and be fulfilled at the highest level. So, do not overlook the power of caring for your Soul.

Soul-Care Guide

To continue your Soul-care practice, I encourage you to take a look through my Sacred Soul-care guide—Sacred Soul-Care Solutions for the Purpose-driven Entrepreneur. Within this guide I share many empowering wellness practices that will release your plaguing self-doubt and help you to create a business and life filled with abundance.

I am offering it to you for free, for a limited time so don’t wait—download it now!

Tips for Entrepreneurs #2: Align Your Values

The second skill for entrepreneurs to tackle is to align their work with their values. 

So many entrepreneurs live their daily lives in a stressful state. The stress burns low and slow and many days the heat is cranked up to high. 

Why is that? 

Oftentimes, I find there is one major source of stress that spills over into the other areas of your life—one such source is not having your business aligned with your values. When you lack clarity and don’t know which direction to go, your stress level increases drastically. 

Eliminate Stress & Enjoy Making a Living

You see others succeeding and you get desperate, mimicking their moves or trying the latest trends, ultimately falling below your aspirations and feeling down because of it. We cannot connect with ourselves, our Soul, when we are in stress-response mode.

If you want to enjoy making a living, then you need your job to be aligned with what’s important to you. Love what you do, love what your business stands for, and you’ll never work a day in your life. 

You will know when you’ve succeeded in this—money will flow easily and business feels like play.

Stress is a reaction to disruptive or upsetting conditions. You shouldn’t feel much of this when your personal values are perfectly aligned with your business.

Tips for Entrepreneurs #3: Step Into Your Power

The third skill you need to be a successful entrepreneur is to know when to step into your power. 

You possess your own, unique power that makes you stand out from the competition. Identify what it is that makes you one-of-a-kind and step into this power. You will find that you no longer check everyone else out or jump into trends that don’t suit you.

Feel the profound impulse to express yourself, your creativity, your vision, and your voice. 

Tips for Entrepreneurs #4: Tap into the Universe

Once you begin to feel the flow of your energy, tap into the limitless supply of the Universe and thrive in your prosperity. This is a profound skill of successful business owners. 

The Universe will provide you with energy and ignite explosive growth in your earning power.

Tips for Entrepreneurs #5: Lead Yourself

As you accomplish more in your business and move forward in the direction of your calling, you are not only charting the path for yourself but inspiring others along the way. 

Believe me—a woman in her zone of brilliance positively affects all those around her.

Leadership is a skill that entrepreneurs rarely recognize but it is one that takes great strength and know-how. Shatter the myth that to be successful in business as a female entrepreneur, you essentially need to wait for prosperity to arrive. You need to lead, brave sister! Lead with your whole heart. 

Soul-Care Continued

If you haven’t done so yet, download my Sacred Soul-Care guide to continue your journey being the incredible entrepreneur you can be. You can’t fill anyone else’s glass when yours is half empty. 

Also, I’m offering it to you for free right now! Only for a limited time, normally $47. Click here to start your download. 

It’s up to you to find your own way, but the Sacred Soul-Care solutions that I share with you in the guide will help you create magic in your business and in your life. Each solution is simple on its own, but together they add up to major breakthroughs and dramatic change for your business.

Warning: the guide isn’t designed to cure anything overnight. Being in a rush to make it happen will lead to continued self doubt and wasted time and money.
It's time to stop blaming yourself for not being able to make your life or your business work. Follow the tips I’ve shared here, download my Sacred Soul-Care guide and start again. You can accomplish anything, dear friend.

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