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Female Leadership: Your 5 Step Formula for Success

entrepreneurship leadership Jan 05, 2022

In a male-dominated business world, it can be difficult to find a strong female role model to look up to, ask advice of, and learn from. Female leadership is rare and so desperately needed and because of this, I created a 5 step plan to lead you to the success you deserve called the Active Feminine Formula™. 

It is designed for every woman who has given birth, written a book, or created a service/product—for those who enjoy playing an active role in their own success. 

My approach is a dynamic, active, feminine-aligned path to leadership and life-long prosperity that asks you to courageously embody your full potential. That means eliminating burnout, shedding limiting beliefs and patterns, and becoming crystal clear on exactly what you want and how to get it.

I teach you to ditch the dominant line of coaching which believes that the feminine is made to simply be and the masculine is made to do. This doesn’t quite work for me (or for most of the female entrepreneurs I know).


The Active Feminine Formula

What is it?

You can think of it as your inner lioness—your strength, courage, and wisdom!

The Active Feminine Formula™ is a 5 step master plan that provides the following: 

  • Heal the money beliefs that limit your growth 
    • Beliefs like: you’re not worthy, there’s not enough to go around, shame if you can’t make more money and shame for wanting to make more money! 
  • Create and promote your services effortlessly, with soul-aligned purpose and inspiration
  • Have the spaciousness to grow your business from your deep realm of creativity 
  • Enjoy financial success without selling your soul, sacrificing your health, or compromising your values
  • Become a trusted expert and thought leader positioned to make a global impact through your work

It honors your deep inner wisdom, values relationships and support, and taps into life-positive energy all around you. 

Why Do I Need to Follow it?

We, as women, are working against an existence of conditioning and several lifetimes of ancestral wounds around what it means to be a woman. And even now, there are limited resources advocating balanced, feminine-aligned paths to business success. There is so much we need to release, and so much we need to learn.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to make a significant positive impact in the world—especially by empowering others?
  • Do you want to enter into creative flow as a way of life, not just moments of being “in the zone”?
  • Do you want to actively design a business that feeds your soul, your family and your lifestyle?
  • Do you want to break through to new levels of prosperity and inspiration without limits?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then this success formula is for YOU. The active feminine embraces receptivity, flow and ease—but she’s not waiting for life to happen for her. 

She is life.

She is a co-creator. Rather than manifesting (and waiting), she takes an active role in creating the reality she wants. If this sounds like you, read on to learn the 5 steps to the Active Feminine Formula™.

Female Leadership Step 1: Tap into Possibility 

First and foremost, you need to get clear on your vision of what wealth and prosperity mean in your life—awaken your imagination and tap into what could be. What do you desire your business to look like and how can you align your life and work with your values?

Once you identify what’s truly important, move into your vision and establish an empowered relationship with money. 

Feminine Leadership Step 2: Identify Harmful Patterns

Are you constantly over-giving, self-sacrificing, over-committing, and feeling burnt out? I know how you feel, brave sister. Female leadership is hard to come by and when you find yourself in that position, you often feel obligated to over-deliver to prove yourself worthy, which inevitably leads to burnout. 

Identify these harmful habits and you can end the vicious cycle and end burnout! When you break free from the old patterns of self-abandonment, you make room for cultivating personal and business relationships that support your wellbeing, growth, and evolution. You actually magnetize support and connection—two dynamic sources of power.

Female Leadership Step 3: Break Through your Inner Pink Ceiling 

Leave the security blanket behind, dissolve the invisibility cloak and break through the self-imposed limitations. 

Fast-track your visibility breakthrough and identify your core beliefs and patterns that arise when you get close to making real progress! Once you identify the patterns that are holding you back from the wealth you’ve worked so hard for, you’ll be able to rewrite your success story and mindfully choose the highest impact actions to make more, save more, and give more.

Embody your new narrative so it’s as easy to promote your services/products.

Have you read my blog post Marketing for Introverts: How to Promote Your Services When You Hate Self Promotion? It will help you shed that cloak of invisibility. 

Feminine Leadership Step 4: Emerge into your Potential

Expand your experience of prosperity and emerge into your potential. Plug into the limitless earning opportunities and resources that the universe has to offer. Step 3 helped you end your relationship with uncertainty and doubt. You have gained trust in yourself as the co-creator of your future and can now move with ease to the next level of your earnings and business. 

You’ll be amazed as increased opportunities to share your message and increase your income and influence continue to expand. Be equipped energetically, emotionally, and spiritually to breakthrough as the leader you are meant to be

Female Leadership Step 5: Chart the Path to Destiny

Now that you are clear on your vision (step 1), have identified your harmful habits (step 2), have broken through your limiting beliefs (step 3) and ignited new behaviors (step 4), you will map out the structures you need to anchor your transformation and have a profitable, stress-free business. 

You’ll embody the new mindsets, habits, skills and capacities that turn money into a tool to expand your joy, and support you in playing your biggest game.

I am Woman. Hear me Roar. 

Did you know that the universe channels creation through us all? This creative capacity is natural, not forced, and it’s uniquely ours. We just have to learn to release ourselves into that primal creativity and find our balance of “be” and “do” in the flow.

Women are the ultimate creative life force. We are naturally powerful beings. Learn to harness that power, find the balance, and you’ll be unstoppable. 


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