How to Find Your Purpose

How To Find Your Purpose (And Build a Business Around It)

entrepreneurship mindset Oct 20, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to work to make money? You know—if money just appeared when we needed it and we worked for our own enjoyment? Imagine how that would change your life! You would be able to take the time to find your purpose and create a life of your dreams!

Only in our dreams though, right?

Well, what if I told you that that concept wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility?

The fact is, we don’t have to dread our jobs. It is possible to love what you do. And when you love what you do, it’s not a job, right? You know the saying—do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life. So, choose a career that you love and everything else will fall into place.

But is it really that simple? Actually, yes.

In order to create the life of your dreams, you need to do what you love and get paid for it. The fact is, money doesn’t grow on trees or appear out of thin air. In this post, I’m going to help you find your purpose and teach you how to build a business around it.

From identifying what your skills are to discovering what you’re passionate about and melding the two together. So, let’s get started!

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How To Find Your Purpose: Identify Your Skills

In order to find your life’s purpose, you must first identify your skills. What are you good at? Do you have any hard skills that require education and training (i.e.: medical, trade, IT, finance, etc.)? Or do you have more soft skills like the patience of a saint, great communication, customer service experience, leadership, and persuasion?

Not one of them is better than the other so don’t start self-doubting before we’ve even started. If you get stuck, I want you to make a list of the jobs (paid or unpaid) that you have acquired and held so far in your life. Everything from your high school days to now. Cross out the ones that you genuinely disliked (and not just because you didn’t get along with your boss). Think about what the job actually was and decide whether you want to pursue something similar.  

Ask Yourself: What Am I Drawn To?

I want you to find the commonalities in these jobs—customer service, administrative duties, manual labor…etc. Were you selling something (a product or service)? Were the jobs primarily in the same industry? Write down these similarities. This will give you an idea of what you gravitate toward and help you identify your skills from these jobs.

Another question to ask yourself and release the writer’s block is this: if you were to do an online search for a job right now, what keywords would you type in the search bar? Did you know that people will only search what they feel they are qualified for and are interested in? Take a look at the posted jobs and read what skills the employers are looking for. You might see some that you possess.

How To Find Your Purpose: Identify Your Passion(s)

The next stop on the path to self-discovery, is to identify what you are passionate about. What makes you happy? Your heart sing? Thinking about your hobbies is a good place to start. It is all about what you enjoy doing.

This might not be an easy question. I mean, when was the last time you had “spare” time anyway or did something for yourself? I completely understand—so take your time. This exercise isn’t meant to be quick. I want you to think on a deep level what ignites your soul. Your answers will not only help you discover your purpose but also answer the sure-fire social question—what do you do for fun? You’ll be all set for that one.

Simple vs. Sophisticated

Your passion(s) can be simple pleasures, like:

  •  Meditating
  •  Being outside
  •  Traveling
  •  Meeting new people
  •  Learning new languages

Or deeper interests, like:

  •  World peace
  •  Humanitarian aid
  •  Nutrition
  •  Conservation

How To Find Your Purpose: Solve a Problem

Now that you have identified what you like to do and what your skills are, the last piece to the puzzle is identifying the problem that you are solving for others. That is ultimately what makes a business. 

You have to solve a problem for people, otherwise, why should they hire you? How does your product or service help someone else in their life? I want you to actually answer these questions for yourself. It will help you hone your business idea and lay the groundwork for determining who your ideal client is which we’ll delve deeper into in another post.

Is it a matter of saving people time or are you offering them something that they cannot do for themselves no matter how much time they have?

When you have these answers on paper, circle, star, and highlight the heck out of them! Create a conversation among them.

The Next Step: Idea to Income Blueprint

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