Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Success Tips for Entrepreneurs: 3 Reasons Goals Don’t Work (Here’s What to do Instead)

entrepreneurship mindset Dec 15, 2021

Women are unique, powerful beings with a keen business sense. We have ideas so vast that the conventional way of achieving them just doesn’t work which leaves us feeling defeated or prevents us from attempting anything in the first place. This is a travesty and needs to be remedied which is why I am sharing these success tips for entrepreneurs—tailored to those who need something other than goals to achieve their wildest dreams.   

When it comes to things that we are yearning to create—they are bigger than we can even imagine. So, how can we set goals for something that has no finite end?

Even if you have a specific idea or goal in mind, you can’t control the process of it coming into being or the exact shape it will take. We then get stuck in this loop in our minds, trying to figure out how to accomplish everything we desire to create. 

The trouble is we have been programmed for years to think there is only one way to do things—one way to achieve our dreams—and that is to create goals and work towards them. 

Well, did you know that goal setting is a masculine approach? No wonder it is not working!

Men vs. Women

Women are different from men—physically, mentally, spiritually and, to an extent, professionally as well. In the professional sense, it is not a question of capability. Women are just as capable as men in virtually every aspect in life. There is a difference in which we operate—the way we think through and overcome obstacles. Our minds just work differently.

What if I told you that you don’t have to set goals; that there is another way?  

The thing is, you can’t create and live up to your potential just from your mind and you also can’t get there with strategy and goals. There is something else to help you.

The Active Feminine Formula

In the masculine system of power, you need to have a very clear goal and then you create a strategy and break it down into steps in order to get there.

But when we are dealing with things in the domain of the feminine—higher love, belonging, actualization, creative contributions—our natural gifts—we don’t necessarily know what it looks like for us to be fully realized or self-expressed.

So, what do we do?

Vision boards and visualizations can be a wonderful tool, but they are still part of a masculine system of power.

You can’t create from your mind with vision boards and goal setting alone. In fact, you are likely desiring something deeper than surface-level goals. You are yearning to self-actualize. 

How does one accomplish that, you ask? 

One way is through my model, the Active Feminine Formula™—I’ll be explaining more about this on the blog next month! The other is by following these success tips.

Success Tips for Entrepreneurs #1: Connect to Higher Power

In order to build a profitable business, and create at such a high level, you need to connect with a higher power.

There is an intelligence in the Universe bigger than your own mind. It is more powerful than your own will. And when you plug into and connect to this intelligence, you know that life is organizing around your success.

Connect to a higher power and allow that energy to flow through you. It will show you a clear path. 

Successful Female Entrepreneur Tip #2: Trust your Intuition

There is a part of you that’s connected to a deeper intelligence of life—your intuition. But in our culture, it’s not highly valued. We have actually been trained not to trust ourselves and our inner knowing in favor of the more “logical” approaches of strategizing and planning.

The result is that most of us are disconnected from our intuition and even when we do have flashes of some kind of “inner knowing,” we don’t know how to distinguish whether the messages we receive are coming from our inner wisdom or from fear or some other emotion.

A bit confusing, isn’t it?

It is important to really lean into what your soul is telling you. It will guide you! This is a real mindset shift; one that takes practice. I want you to trust it though. Trust the process and you will learn to trust your intuition again.

Success Tips for Entrepreneurs #3: Harness Power from Within Yourself

The last thing every female business owner needs to know is how to harness the power from within herself. You need a powerful connection to the deeper wisdom inside of you as well as a connection to the energy and intelligence of life.

Once you connect to both of these, you unlock the inner wisdom that will guide you, step by step, to where you need to go. And as you follow this guidance, and see that it will not fail you, you develop the confidence to take risks and start to show up in new, empowered ways that will open all sorts of doors in your life.

We are capable of so much that it is beyond comprehension; it’s incredible. When given the right tools and resources, we can conquer our biggest challenges. Now with these 3 success tips, I know you will do great things.

You just need to shift your mindset a little—connect to a higher power, trust your intuition, and allow your inner wisdom to speak. I think you will learn to love this new way of working towards your dreams without the strict regimen of setting goals. 

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