Scarcity Mindset: 7 Ways To Overcome Yours and Move Toward Abundance

mindset prosperity Jun 01, 2022

I often talk about the power of positivity with my clients—and the fact that positive thinking has the extraordinary ability to produce more positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are, unfortunately, very powerful as well. They can drag you to your knees and keep you down if you let them. 

One of the most common states I see my clients get into is having a scarcity mindset—where you are obsessed with what you are lacking in life and can’t focus on anything else. 

It is a dangerous state to be in for an entrepreneur. 

When your mind is burdened with constant thoughts of “I don’t have enough”, I’m afraid to tell you, Sister, you will never have enough. The grass will always be greener in someone else’s pasture, unless you switch your mentality. 

And in order to break yourself free of the chains, you need to reprogram your mind to focus on solutions instead of problems. 

Train Your Mind

Think of your mind as a muscle that you need to train. Just like every other muscle in your body, you need to provide adequate nourishment and exercise to shape it. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind—it needs guidance. 

I am sharing exactly how to guide your mind to overcome a scarcity mindset and move toward abundance.  

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Overcome Scarcity Mindset #1: Connect to Your Dreams

When you find yourself cycling through one negative thought after another, the first thing you need to do is think of the future you want to have for yourself and your business. Reconnect to your dreams and desires and remind yourself of the goal—to be full of abundance.

It is hard not to compare yourself to others as society often does it without our permission. But you do have control over what you are comparing. Do not compare your insides to other people’s outsides—who you are personally has nothing to do with what your competitor is doing professionally. 

Focus on building a successful business, under your vision and values, not what everyone else is doing.


Building Wealth Tip #2: Find Inspiration

Instead of seeing other entrepreneurs in your field as competition, see them as inspiration. Come from a place of appreciation and admiration, rather than uncertainty and self-doubt. You will sense a positive shift in yourself immediately.  

When you observe what others are doing, identify what it is that you like. What is it about their product, service, or process that attracts you? Does it fit with your vision for your business? How does it inspire you to grow and expand?

Instead of becoming jealous or coming down hard on yourself, use it to your advantage. 


Overcome Scarcity Mindset #3: Recognize Abundance

When you focus on what (and who) you have in your life, you will see how abundant your life already is. Think about what you have already accomplished, both personally and professionally.

Don’t forget about the things we often take for granted—the birds that are always singing a song, the cuddles with your children or pets, the food you get to eat, warm showers or baths, a meaningful friendship, etc. 

Our lives are filled with abundance that is not directly related to money—so, give thanks for ALL the abundance in your life.

In what ways do you already feel abundant? 


Building Wealth Tip #4: Avoid Complaining and Complainers

As I said in the beginning, the power of negativity is strong. Make it a point to not only avoid thinking (and verbalizing) negative thoughts but also stay away from those who do. Misery loves company—you want to distance yourself from all negative energies. 

It’s time to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Stop blaming external factors for things that are happening “to you”. Instead, recognize they are happening for you. Every struggle or challenge you face is a gift. 

Think of it as a time to practice being the woman you want to be!

Overcome Scarcity Mindset #5: Be Good to Yourself

While you work on diverting any negative energy, don’t overlook yourself. Release the negative self-talk as well. The positive vibrations that you will receive in return will replenish your soul ten fold. 

Don’t think I don’t know your Inner Mean Girl, who tells you you’re not good enough…that everyone is better than you…or no one cares what you have to say! She’s kept you under her control…up until now. 

Now she’s simply in your way, preventing you from growing and stepping into the leader you are meant to be. Let her know you don’t need her anymore—loudly and proudly. 

It’s time to invest in yourself. You’ve got this! 


Building Wealth Tip #6: Be Good to Others

Be good to others too—uplift, support, and promote your friends, your family and your fellow entrepreneurs. Help them spread awareness of their latest launch, celebrate with them when they hit milestones of their own, or simply share the joy of their work. It is good Karma for you and your business. 

All these things feel so good too. 


Overcome Scarcity Mindset #7: Get Mentally Organized

The final way to overcome a scarcity mindset is to get organized—mentally. Take steps daily to clean up your habits and declutter your mind, body, spirit and environment. 

When you eliminate the toxic thoughts, things, and behaviors in your life, you make room for the new, fresh, supportive energies and experiences to come forth.

A great way to do this is to keep a journal. Write down your to-do lists, your aspirations, any (seemingly random) thought that comes to mind. You will be glad to have a place to leave the mental madness and free up some headspace to focus on other ideas.  

Support For You 

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I share more advice like this and show you how to reach financial independence while making an impact. I am here for you, my friend—to help see you through to the other side of scarcity—abundance. Click here to join the Facebook group.

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