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Money Mindset Issues: 5 Ways of Thinking that Are Holding You Back Financially

mindset money Jun 15, 2022

There is a common set of money mindset issues that plague almost every entrepreneur and small business owner I meet. So, if you have already recognized something’s amiss in yourself, you’re not alone. I am sharing what those mindset issues are, how they are holding you back financially, and how to overcome them so you can live a life full of abundance—a life by design.

Making money isn’t hard, so if it feels hard for you, there is something else going on. You need to figure out what the roadblocks are and be honest with yourself in the process. There is certainly no judgment from me—I have personally been most challenged by mindset issue #3.  

I’ve seen the before and after and now know the importance of keeping a sound mind when handling my finances. Knowledge is power, remember. The more information you know about habits and behaviors, the better your business (and your life) will be for it. 

Money Mindset Issues #1: Scarcity Mindset

One of the major money mindset issues that I recognize in my clients is having a scarcity mindset—looking at things as though there are limits. It’s easy to fall into that way of thinking. The notion that there is some sort of cap to your potential earning or creating can be almost comforting because the alternative is overwhelmingly scary.

If there aren’t any limits, what are you striving toward?

The thing is, Sister, when you look at things from a scarcity mindset, you put yourself into fear. And fear prompts you to think negatively, which (as you know) doesn’t get you where you want to be.  

Toxic thoughts start to arise, like these: 

  • “The market is saturated.”
  • “I can’t do what she’s doing.” 
  • “No one’s going to pay money for this.”
  • “There are only so many clients to go around.”
  • “If I am rich, someone else has to be poor.”

And the perpetual thought that you aren’t good enough begins... 

Break Free of a Scarcity Mindset

Repeat after me: you are limitless. You have the potential to be, do and have whatever you desire in this world!

There are ways to overcome a scarcity mindset and it starts with your mind. You need to practice expansive thinking (versus trade-off thinking) where you say to yourself—”I can have this AND I can have that.”

Learn how to train your thoughts and overcome a scarcity mindset, and move toward abundance by clicking here.

Achieve Rich Mindset #2: Lacking Spiritual Energy

Money is a spiritual energy. And just like any spiritual energy, it requires respect. To attract wealth and achieve a rich mindset, you must incorporate a financial spiritual practice into your life.  

Start by visualizing your life with money. Envision a life that brings you peace, fulfillment and financial joy—one that allows you to do what you love to do.

When you get into the habit of this type of deep thought, you shine at your brightest as an energetic being and become a magnet for abundance. 

Click here to learn more about money vibrations and how your energy, aura, and mood is affecting your financial future.

Money Mindset Issues #3: Mindlessness 

Just as mindless eating wreaks havoc on your physical health, mindless money handling wreaks havoc on your financial health. It’s a symbiotic relationship—what you feed your finances (and financial spirit) will affect its ability to generate more income.  

Frankly, being mindless with anything is not a good practice. So, I would rethink your daily habit of scrolling social media while you’re at it—it’s not relaxing you the way you think. 

The Effects of Mindlessness

Mindlessness affects your stress level, mental health, sleeping habits, energy levels and weight. And when it comes to your finances, mindlessness can get precarious. 

Make sure you have control over your spending habits and can track the comings and goings of your money. When you are mindful of it, you will reframe your connection and begin healing your relationship with it. There are some simple money management tips to help you with this that I think every entrepreneur should know.

Achieve Rich Mindset #4: Jealousy

Jealousy stems from insecurity and it robs you of true happiness, financial or otherwise. When you come from a place of jealousy, you are not in power. Just like the scarcity mindset, this is another fear position.

It’s called a mindset for a reason—it’s all in your head. The people you are jealous of, no doubt have problems of their own. They don’t have more than you, you just believe they do. 

So, ditch the jealousy and live your life, from a position of strength and love.

Money Mindset Issues #5: Victim Mentality

The last common money mindset issue I see is having a victim mentality. You know the trap…blaming others and/or circumstances, refusing to help yourself because what’s the point—you’ll inevitably be pushed down anyway, right?

Granted, women have had a tough go of it, I’ll give you that, but…excuses keep us powerless. Be the brave sister you are and escape the victim mentality. 

Take responsibility for your life. Know your worth and stop making excuses. 

Create little milestones for yourself—every time you meet one, you’ll build confidence. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t (I talk all about that in this blog post. Read #3). When you step into your power and strength, you have room to make positive decisions and changes.

Women Supporting Women

I want you to know that you aren’t alone in this. These are very common mindset issues for entrepreneurs. Not only that but I have created a private community for you to share these challenges with fellow entrepreneurs, and make you feel empowered to shift your energy.

It’s a virtual community on Facebook called The Female Entrepreneur Society. I created it specifically for you, a female entrepreneur who wants to be successful in her business. We focus on aligning your business with your Soul’s desires and master money, mindset, and marketing. 

It’s an artform that can be mastered. Are you in? Click here to join the group.

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