Simple Money Management Tips: 3 Ways to Practice Financial Self Care

mindset money Feb 02, 2022

Let’s talk about your health—your financial health. Did you know that it is just as important as your physical and mental well being? Similarly, it doesn’t take care of itself. However, with just a few simple money management moves, you will reap more benefits than you knew existed.  

Why is your financial health so important, you ask? For many reasons…  

It can give you freedom, for one. The freedom to make decisions (on your terms), the freedom to breathe easier, the freedom to give generously, the freedom to choose into and out of relationships, and the freedom to do whatever it is that your heart desires. 

Your finances are powerful. They affect every aspect in your life. They possess the ability to help you support your family and empower your psyche, which is all the more reason to take them seriously and manage them appropriately. 

Think about how many people are on your medical wellness team, focused on your physical and mental wellness. You have multiple doctors, a dentist, and perhaps a healer (or two, or three). Who is on your financial wellness team?

Prevent Problems

Staying on top of your affairs guarantees that you prevent any serious money issues but that’s not all it can do. As I said earlier, your finances affect other areas in your life. So, a financial issue is also a life issue—it can influence the car you drive, the jobs you take, your relationships, etc. 

It also pressures you into making decisions that are out of your control—a horribly restricting feeling that is unfortunately common for women, who are often delegated to be the homemakers more than the money makers. 

Free yourself of having to rely on someone else; choose your own path.

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If you struggle with knowing how to manage your money better and have always dreamt of having more—whether that’s more money, more say in where your money goes, or both—here are the 3 simple money management tips to keep your finances (and your life) in good shape. 

Simple Money Management Tip #1: Face Financial Issues

The first step in managing your money better is to face your financial issues head on. In fact, I want you to stop them in their tracks. Do not wait until they catch up to you and start causing issues. 

Run toward them and fix what needs to be fixed. Living in denial is detrimental to your budget (and to your life, in general). Always face the challenges presented to you.

Make this the year to clean-up any financial chaos!

Simple Money Management Tip #2: Empower Yourself through Language

Another money management tip is to use empowering language when talking about your finances. Our words carry energy and we want nothing but positive energy surrounding our financial matters. 

You’ve heard the saying: what you put out into the Universe will change your circumstances. I find this to be true in many things, but especially with something as big as money management.   

Start with training your thoughts—think abundant thoughts. Be grateful for the money you DO have. This will naturally lead your brain to think more abundant thoughts. Abundance boosts abundance. 

Word Choice

Just as abundant thoughts produce more abundant thoughts, the same is true for negative ones. Shift your energy through your word choice. 

Choose to say “and” instead of “but” or “I will do” instead of “I will try”. Simple adjustments like this will naturally curb your tendency to think and speak negatively. They will make a world of difference to your mindset.

No Negativity

Avoid complaining. It only prolongs the disappointment.

Take care of your thoughts and words. Thinking or saying, “I’m stressed”, leads to feelings of hopelessness, overwhelm and contributes to the anxiety you are already experiencing. Be confident in the knowledge that you are showing up and taking actions. Live in that truth.

You are human, of course, and even the most positive humans have negative thoughts every now and again. If a negative thought crosses your mind, don’t fret about it but leave it there. Don’t verbalize it to yourself or others—don’t put it out into the Universe.  

Words have power. So, harness that power and use it to transform your reality!

Simple Money Management Tip #3: Prepare Your Legacy 

The third and final tip for bettering your financial health is to make preparations for your future self. Take charge of your belongings and ownership responsibilities.   

Prepare your legacy—wills, trusts, estate plans, insurance policies, legal documents, financial accounts, medical docs, passwords, funeral instructions, etc. No matter your age now, preparing for the future is responsible. 

Think of it this way—you have worked so hard for the life you created. Ensure it doesn’t go to waste. Instead, prepare for a smooth transition, not just for your sake but for your family’s as well. 

Make it simple for your next of kin to understand your wishes and be able to pick up where you left off. Give them peace of mind if you plan for them to inherit your business, your wealth, or your belongings. 

Avoid Undue Stress

The amount of stress that revolves around finances is incredible and it only gets worse when neglected. So, don’t let that be you! Face your financial issues head on, empower yourself through the use of direct, positive language, plan ahead, and manage your money better!

It will save you time and headaches in the future so you can live a life free and clear of money issues.

To continue the flow of healthy financial habits, download my free guide: The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Keep Female Entrepreneurs from Generating Massive Income. Now that you have a foundation of good money habits, it’s time to generate lots of it.

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