Gratitude Practice Ideas

Gratitude Practice Ideas: 3 Secrets to Living a More Abundant Life

mindset prosperity Nov 17, 2021

Does your current gratitude practice feel like it has fallen a little flat or lackluster? Perhaps almost more of a to-do as opposed to eliciting true feelings of gratitude? That needs to change and I have a few ideas. I am sharing three powerful gratitude practice ideas that have helped me feel deep gratitude again because feeling grateful is an important part to soul-care and should be acknowledged regularly to maintain a positive perspective on life.

These days it seems that showing gratitude for what (and who) you have is more common at the end of the year, during the season of giving—people coming together, enjoying each other’s company, breaking bread and buying gifts—it makes sense.

But what about the other 10 months? Life can be overwhelming and it is easy to feel a bit rundown. We all need a happiness boost every now and again and these gratitude activities will give you that—and help you live a more abundant life year round.  

It is always the season for gratitude, I believe! These secrets are fast and simple enough to incorporate into your daily life and, trust me, they will magnify the grateful feeling instead of simply touching it.

Gratitude Practice Ideas: Write it Down

I write everything down—from shopping lists to calendar events—and the same rings true for my gratitude practice. It helps me retain the information and I find that writing things down is the easiest way to show your gratitude daily (even on busy days). It doesn’t take long and doesn’t have to be long winded. Simply write down what you are grateful for that day—acknowledge it by giving it space on paper somewhere.

I specifically write in a journal, because it keeps all of my writing together and I can easily refer back to past entries. It does not have to be fancy; a lined notebook will do just fine. I opt for one that is smaller than the average school one and aesthetically pleasing so it fits and looks nice on my bedside table. A nice pen also helps the words flow.   

I not only enjoy this practice because of the gratitude I feel but it also serves as a nice meditation at the end of each day. I make it a part of my routine and do it before bedtime. It is my quiet reflection time—a great added benefit.  

Here is an example of one of my preliminary entries:

I am grateful for...

  •  Teaching a class with 300 women
  • My daughter’s love of Legos  

The Art of Gratitude: The Why

Don’t stop there! I encourage you to take the second step to this process and add the why—why are you grateful for it? What makes it stand out in your mind? Why did it make your heart happy today? This added “why” line pinpoints the reason you are grateful which is the essence of the writing, really. Using the same example I gave above, it turns your journal entry into something like this:

I am grateful for...

  •  Teaching a class with 300 women…
    •  because it made everything I work toward feel validated.
    •  because I felt understood and I connected with my true tribe.
    •  because I learned so much about online teaching.
  •  My daughter’s love of Legos…
    •  because watching Lego Masters together makes for great conversations.
    •  because it unleashes her creativity.
    • because seeing her so engaged in something other than electronics makes me so happy.

The Art of Gratitude: The Details

Now, I implore you to take the last step because this is what makes it truly special. Add some rich details. It forces you to dig deeper into why you are grateful, giving it more significance. So, your journal entry turns into something like this:

I am grateful for...

  •  Teaching a class with 300 women…
    •  because of that moment when a class participant said, “Wow! This course has already facilitated a shift for me and how I operate within my business!” It makes all the work worthwhile.
    • because the energy and enthusiasm of the participants are reflecting back the positive qualities that I want to exhibit in my business and life.              
  •  My daughter’s love of Legos…
    •  because of the joy it brings her when she is creating and gaining the confidence that she is a creative being.
    •  because of the conversation we had about love and compassion while playing with Legos, and what a true gift it is to see the world through her eyes.

Do you see the difference there? The details give it impact; they make it interesting and meaningful. They also really help me relive the moment when I re-read them.

It might take a minute to unlock your brain and break through the writer’s block in the beginning but once you do, the magnification of gratitude continues to increase and you will not look back. It brings more meaning and richness to the day and you will feel much more fulfilled in your life—all while doing the same things you have been doing!

That is the power of gratefulness! It can change your perspective which in turn changes your mood and entire aura. And I think that is amazing.

Gratitude Practice Ideas: Bonus

Refer back to your past entries every now and again to remind yourself of how much you have to be grateful for. It is a great practice to show yourself how much good fortune has filled your week/month/year, particularly when you find yourself in a rut, focusing on the negative a lot.

I encourage you to try these practices a few days this week and see what the experience is like for you. This all brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart and I hope it does the same for you.

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