May Power Circle

Soulful Wealth: Financial Wellness for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur or Healer who wants to serve others and makes a positive impact in the world?

Join us for an inspiring Power Circle event with the Female Entrepreneur Society, titled "Soulful Wealth: Financial Wellness for Spiritual Entrepreneurs" This interactive and enlightening Power Circle is dedicated to helping you discover and set a powerful, theme word for the year 2024, serving as a beacon for your entrepreneurial journey.



WEDNESDAY, May 29, 2024

9-10:30AM MT/11AM-12:30PM EST

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Join us at the Female Entrepreneur Society for our transformative Power Circle event, "Soulful Wealth: Financial Wellness for Spiritual Entrepreneurs." This session is specially designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and healers who seek to harmonize their financial goals with their spiritual journey.

In this enlightening workshop, you will:

-Dive into the principles of financial wellness tailored for the unique needs of spiritual entrepreneurs. Learn how to align your financial strategies with your core values and spiritual beliefs.

-Explore effective techniques for managing finances that honor both your business's bottom line and your personal spiritual fulfillment.

-Gain insights on creating a magnetic pull to attract prosperity, while staying true to your soul's calling and the essence of your work.

-Engage in interactive exercises that help you understand the flow of abundance and how to harness it for both spiritual growth and financial success.

Karen, an internationally acclaimed coach and spiritual business expert, will guide you through integrating financial acumen with your spiritual path. This session aims to break down the barriers between financial prosperity and spiritual integrity, empowering you to build a business that is not only financially rewarding but also deeply fulfilling.

By participating in this Power Circle, you will leave with a clearer understanding of how to structure your business for financial health without compromising your spiritual values. This event is a stepping stone towards achieving a balance of wealth and wellness, ensuring your business thrives in abundance and aligns with your spiritual journey.

Secure your spot by RSVPing for this 90 minute empowering session. Embrace the journey of creating soulful wealth and step into a future where your spiritual business prospers financially and holistically.

Sorry you have missed this event,

We invite you to explore our

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