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Soul Writer: a healing path to writing your best-selling book


40 Instructional Videos: Journey through each module with my guided visual narratives, designed to illuminate your path and awaken your writing spirit.

Daily Creative Prompts: A daily dose of introspection, guiding you to explore the depths of your inner landscape and unfurl the truths within.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Where participants can ask questions and delve deeper into the course material.

Manuscript Writing Retreat: Culminate your transformative journey with an immersive three-day retreat, designed to deepen your connection to your work and bring your manuscript to completion. This serene escape offers the ideal setting to focus, refine, and conclude your sacred writing project, surrounded by the supportive energy of fellow soul writers.

Worksheets and Templates: Sacred tools to shape your book's essence, from character/concept alchemy to the architecture of your story's soul.

Private Online Community Access: Connect in our sacred digital gathering space, where your journey is mirrored in the shared stories and support of fellow soul writers.

Alumni Community Access: Extended access to the course community for ongoing support.

Alumni Discounts: For future courses, workshops, or personal coaching sessions.

Bonus #1

Soul Writer Welcome Kit: Sent via mail, this package includes printed materials and a special canvas for crafting your book, alongside other curated course-related treasures.

Bonus #2

Guided Meditation Recordings: Embrace serenity and ignite your inner muse with meditations that ground and inspire, leading you deeper into your creative sanctuary.

Bonus #3

Complimentary Ticket to Aligned for Success: Gain transformative insights and practical strategies to help you set and achieve soul-aligned goals, ensuring your business is deeply connected with your personal values and spiritual journey during this 2-day virtual retreat.

Phase 1: The Dream Phase (Days 1-20)

Week 1: Unveiling the Dream

  • Day 1: Awakening to the Dream Phase & Setting Sacred Intentions
  • Day 2: Envisioning & Breathing Life into Your Book’s Soul
  • Day 3: Sacred Journaling: Manifesting Your Vision
  • Day 4: Unearthing Your Book's Divine Purpose
  • Day 5: Tuning into Your Heart’s Core Message
  • Day 6: Unveiling Your Unique Authorial Essence
  • Day 7: Reflective Meditation & Revelations of the Week

Week 2: Exploring Your Story

  • Day 8: Journey Mapping: Navigating Your Story’s Sacred Path
  • Day 9: Intuitive Understanding of Your Sacred Audience
  • Day 10: Conceiving Your Book's Soul Premise
  • Day 11: Cultivating the World Within Your Story
  • Day 12: Birthing Your Characters and Key Spiritual Concepts
  • Day 13: Weaving the Tapestry of Your Plot or Philosophical Insights
  • Day 14: Sacred Circle Review & Heartfelt Group Discussion

Week 3: Deepening Your Connection

  • Day 15: Merging with Your Inner Divine Source
  • Day 16: Meditation for Unveiling Creative Wisdom
  • Day 17: Liberating Self from Fear’s Shadow
  • Day 18: Awakening Your Creative Spirit’s Intuition
  • Day 19: Heart-Centered Expression and Authentic Writing
  • Day 20: Communal Reflection & Sharing of Inner Journeys

Phase 2: The Prep Phase (Days 21-40)

Week 4: Laying the Foundations

  • Day 21: Stepping into the Prep Phase & Envisioning Success
  • Day 22: Harmonizing Your Sacred Writing Space
  • Day 23: Crafting a Ritualistic Writing Routine
  • Day 24: Gathering Spiritual Tools & Enlightening Research
  • Day 25: Architecting Your Book's Sacred Blueprint
  • Day 26: Charting Milestones on Your Spiritual Quest
  • Day 27: Introspection & Strategic Soul Planning

Week 5: Addressing Challenges

  • Day 28: Illuminating and Overcoming Shadow Obstacles
  • Day 29: Sacred Strategies for Dissolving Writer’s Block
  • Day 30: Cultivating Inner Strength and Spiritual Assertiveness
  • Day 31: Honoring Your Writing Within the Dance of Daily Life
  • Day 32: Weaving a Support Network of Soul Allies
  • Day 33: Sustaining Your Writing Momentum with Heart
  • Day 34: Reflective Review & Adjusting Your Sacred Strategy

Week 6: Final Preparations for Writing

  • Day 35: Embracing Self-Care as a Sacred Writer
  • Day 36: Fostering a Feedback Loop with the Divine
  • Day 37: Final Soul Reflections & Retreat Prep
  • Day 38: Manuscript Writing Retreat Day 1
  • Day 39: Manuscript Writing Retreat Day 2
  • Day 40: Manuscript Writing Retreat Day 3