Are you a spiritual entrepreneur seeking a harmonious blend of strategic planning and spiritual growth?


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Empower your entrepreneurial spirit with soulful strategies for success in 2024

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-Learn to develop your plan for the next 6 months that seamlessly integrates your spiritual values, breaking free from conventional models that don't align with your ethos.

 -Implement techniques to align your entrepreneurial pursuits with your spiritual journey, ensuring that your business becomes a true reflection of your values and contributes to your overall sense of well-being.

-Gain insights and practical methods for weaving your spirituality into your business strategy, creating a path that is not only successful but deeply aligned with your core beliefs and principles.

-You'll leave feeling invigorated and confident, armed with a strategic plan for the next 6 months that perfectly blends your spiritual values with practical business acumen, setting you on a path of authentic success and deep personal alignment.

If you've been relying on improvisation and wishful thinking to run a profitable business, attract paying clients, and make the impactful mark you're destined for...

it’s ESSENTIAL for you to attend this retreat!

Our transformative time together is designed to be a game-changer, equipping you with focused strategies and insights that will prevent the drain of your invaluable time, energy, and resources. Here, you'll learn how to align your business with your unique vision and values, creating a path not only to financial success but also to fulfilling your true potential and purpose.

During this potent, 2-Day retreat, you'll experience...


Craft a Financially Rewarding 2024: Develop a personalized plan to make 2024 your most financially abundant year, aligning it with your personal and professional aspirations.

Vision, Purpose, and Breakthroughs: Set a grand vision for 2024, ignite your purpose, and shatter the unconscious barriers that have been holding you back.

Profitable and Fulfilling Business Strategies: Learn essential strategies for building a business that's not only profitable but also deeply rewarding to your soul.

You'll leave feeling... rejuvenated and empowered, with clear steps to attract your dream clients using the most effective marketing channels for you, and inspired to take action towards your 2024 goals, all while having experienced the transformative power of live coaching with Karen Gruber.

What are you waiting for?

Join this experiential retreat...grab your favorite beverage, slip into whatever makes you feel delicious, and get ready to make 2024 your most financially abundant and soulfully rewarding year yet!


Here's what you'll receive when you register:



  • 8 hours of instruction and practical planning application for all you desire to bring in personally and professionally for the next 6 months.  
  • The Awakened Business Assessment that will establish the most profitable area to focus on for you to amplify your income!
  • My Annual Inspired Action Planning Sheet to keep you energized and on-track!
  • Individual support via LIVE COACHING during the retreat.
  • Gorgeous printable workbook to guide you through each exercise and practice in the retreat.
  • Encouragement and masterminding with an incredible group of other purpose-driven women.
  • Access to the retreat recording in case you missed the live event or need to review what you experienced.
  • Complimentary 2nd ticket to the event to gift to your business bestie or anyone you would enjoy sharing the retreat with ($97 Value)



  • Additional advanced workshop that delves deeper into spiritual alignment techniques and intuitive decision-making development so you can confidently navigate your business journey with a heightened sense of intuition and spiritual insight, leading to more authentic and effective decisions that resonate with your core values and drive success.
  • Priority coaching opportunities throughout the event so that you can receive immediate, personalized guidance and feedback, enabling you to apply new strategies and insights directly to your unique business challenges and accelerate your path to success.
  • Extended access to recordings of event sessions so you can revisit and absorb the teachings at your own pace, ensuring that every insight and strategy is fully integrated into your personal and professional development journey.
  • Opportunity to be featured on Women Who Roar Interview Series.  Amplify Your Message by sharing your personal or professional story. Seize the Opportunity to Shine on the Women Who Roar Interview Series. 🌟
  • VIP Digital Swag-bag, a carefully curated collection of exclusive digital resources designed specifically for the spiritually-minded entrepreneur. It includes a range of valuable tools such as e-books from industry experts, comprehensive worksheets, interactive templates, and exclusive video content. With these resources at your fingertips, you can continue to refine your strategies, deepen your spiritual practices, and maintain momentum in your journey towards business success and personal fulfillment.

Join us!

By the end of this event you will leave with an aligned action plan for all you want to bring in personally and professionally for 2024!


Friday, April 19 &

Saturday, April 20th

10am - 2pm MT

(12pm -4pm ET)


“A true honor to have worked with Karen. Her deep presence of embodied wisdom evokes limitless potentials and innate transformation which then is converted into pragmatic language and actionable insights that exponentially alter the trajectory of both your business and personal path! Karen will powerfully withdraw, name and reflect your hidden wisdom, truths and geniuses. Her intervention has been key in my Integral Transformation Path”

Shamanic Transformation Coach

"I loved Karen’s ‘sane’ approach to pacing in this program. Her wise, gentle and encouraging guidance made building my business with her by my side super doable and enjoyable!"


Trauma Resolution Coach

How can Karen help you achieve financial breakthroughs with purposeful planning in 2024?


Hi, I'm Karen Gruber

and I help women rapidly identify and overcome their fears and release the limiting beliefs that keep holding them back; so they can gain the courage to fully express their soul-driven purpose while creating long-term wealth and soul aligned success.

As an international business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, transformational coaches and healers, I teach you how to grow into a soul-aligned, profitable, fulfilling business.

I help you eliminate the anxiety and fear that keeps you from having a soulful and financially rewarding business. To help you courageously infuse your day-to-day activities with more meaning and ease. To help you move beyond daily affirmations and finally break through your limiting beliefs in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: There are no refunds for this particular event, however, your registration is transferable to another person or can be used toward another event if 24-hour notice has been given.

Q: Will the retreat be recorded?

A: YES! Although it is best if you participate LIVE, everyone will have access to the recording for 1-week from the event. (VIP participants have 60-days)

Q: I have a different question; how do I contact you?

A: You may contact me with any further questions at [email protected]